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Miandme | 東京喰種

TOKYO GHOUL: 11 Volumes, 1 Anime Poster
(and 1 day before the anime airs)

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Ikari Gai + Facial Expressions

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MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.2.0 Frame Model Ver. Modeled by TORI. Full Photoreview No.31 Big Size Images


Two months after I promised, I finally got the guts to open my copy of Gaim the Guide wide and scanned the gorgeous illustrations. /o\

Sorry, these are the best I could do, unless I tear the binding and take the book apart, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah no. /o\

Scanned from Gaim Art Tribute section in Kamen Rider Gaim the Guide by silverwind. (front and back covers of the book are here)

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Did they just disappear a troll out of this plane of existence?

zelda fandom proving that we know how to deal with trolls


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